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#FordMillennials at the LATISM Conference: A Dream Come True

It has been awhile that we have been interested in the Millennials generation - that "quite large" generation that was born between 1982 and 2000 - and basically the one that will become the future of our nation.  The Millennials are, for the most part, misunderstood, because they are not at all part of the Baby Boomers mold which is what happened to the GenX generation.  A second doesn't pass that there is one more article about marketing to this generation - why, you may ask? Simply becasue they are, by most estimates, 75 MILLION strong, which makes them the "Baby Boomers" of the new millenia.

Ford Company, a pioneer of forward thinking for the past century, and Ford Latino the company's Hispanic branch have understood for years now the importance of this generation and have found the perfect ways to speak to them. Believe me - it's not easy to speak to a generation which doesn't really care about the corporate language that has been existent for decades.  This generation is creating their own language - their own paths in so many ways that they are building their own future..  Early on, Ford Latino realized the importance of getting "on this train" of thought and its next project #FordMillennials shows their commitment.

Ford has invited 5 Millennials to be part of the Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) annual conference that will be at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City September 19-22.  These Millennials are coming from Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Miami, and New York to experience 3 days of amazing networking, educational panels in technology, education, health, and business and also be part of their own panel - Millennials: Creative, Sociable, and the Largest Generation Since the Baby Boomers on Friday, September 20th at noon. For these five young professionals it is not only a dream come true to be able to attend but a re-affirmation of the importance of their generation for the future.  


For more information please visit the Latism Conference Website and the Millennials' panel page



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